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With a randomly accessed stored bit per pixel cell structure pixels are individually refreshing only the pixels which need to be changed thereby reducing power requirements.


The extremely low power LCD cell structure design makes these displays excellent candidates for battery powered applications, such as wearable medical devices, wearable sports gear, Internet-of-Things products and other portable applications that require very low power consumption.


The KYOCERA MIP technology provides:
  • Ultra-Low Power in Static Mode
  • Low Power when Changing Images
  • Contrast Ratio > 24:1
  • Reflectance > 17%


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Part Number Size Resolution Interface Luminance Contrast Ratio Viewing Angle (H) Viewing Angle (V) Temp Range °C Special Features
C0068AA65401-NN-AA 0.68" 120x48 Serial Reflective TBD -60/60 -60/60 -20 to 70 Random Pixel Access
TN0103ANVNANN-GN00 1.03" 128x128 Serial Reflective 40:1 -60/60 -60/60 -20 to 70 Line Access
TN0104ANVAANN-GN00 1.04" 176x176 Serial Reflective 37:1 -60/60 -60/60 -20 to 70 Random Pixel Access
TN0181ANVNANN-GN00 1.81" 256x256 Serial Reflective 24:1 -60/60 -60/60 -20 to 70 Line Access
TN0216ANVNANN-GN00 2.16" 320x176 Serial Reflective 40:1 -60/60 -60/60 -20 to 70 Line Access
TN0227ANVNANN-GNX03 2.27" 240x300 Serial Reflectice 40:1 -60/60 -60/60 -25 to 80 Line Access
TN0400ANVNN 4.00" 640x480 Serial Reflective TBD TBD TBD TBD Under Development
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  1. Diagonal Size: 4.0"
  2. Display Mode: ECB (Normally Black)
  3. Resolution: 640X480
  4. Interface: Serial
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